How It All Began 

Nicole Macaron began when founder Nicole Edelstein wanted to fuse her love of baking with her passion for philanthropy. She started baking out of her freshman college dorm room at the age of 18 and hasn't stopped since. From cupcakes to macarons, Nicole has always loved to bake for friends, family, and customers with a mission to create change in communities. Nicole developed a macaron that she wasn't able to find anywhere in the world during her travels. As a result, she created an all natural + gluten free macaron with half the sugar, real ingredients, and no artificial colors. Now, Nicole Macaron is able to offer you traditional dessert with only the highest quality and real ingredients :) 

We ship across the U.S. Every year, we donate 10% of our shop net profits to support pediatric cancer patients and their families ♥ 



  • Quality - We source high-quality ingredients from our suppliers - our macarons are free from artificial ingredients + preservatives
  • Passion - We love what we do and that is why we do it
  • Love - We believe baking is an act of love and our macarons are a representation of our heart's desire to make a difference in our community
  • Integrity - We strongly believe in keeping the trust of our customers - 100% of the time - we will do whatever we can to make you happy ♥


Macaron Manifesto

  • We believe that simple, traditional, and natural is always better.
  • We believe that there is no better way to celebrate life's sweet moments than together with family because family is everything.
  • We believe in hard work and giving our best each and every day. Showing up is always the hardest part.
  • We believe in always taking the high road, no matter the additional effort required. There is very little that we wouldn’t do to make our customers happy.


Our Pinky Promise 

Delicious all natural macarons made with clean, sustainable, & high-quality ingredients - no artificial ingredients, period. 



We source ingredients that are free from pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or synthetic hormones from our trusted partners. When local isn't possible, we source the next best solution. That is the made with love difference!