Macarons are arguably the hardest pastry to make in the world. 


We want to help change that. We teach macaron making classes for one on one sessions, team building workshops, birthday parties, girls night outs, and more! 


Our passion is to spread macaron love and help people live sweeter lives. One of our great joys is getting to teach people how to make one of the most delicate pastries around the world. Our macaron process is a full 4 days.


However, we have created a baking class that teaches you how to make macarons at home time and time again with our macaron "hacks" and tips! 


We can't wait to share our love for macarons with you. There are two options for our classes. We can come to your home or meet your group at a venue. 


Pricing varies depending on location and attendee count. 


Send us an email to or contact us via a form on our Contact page to ask any questions or get started on booking a macaron making class today!