Dark Chocolate - 6 Macarons - Organic

  • $19.50

Our dark chocolate macaron is filled with our signature dark chocolate silk buttercream. We source 70% or above organic and sustainably sourced dark chocolate for all of our chocolate macaron flavors. We fold organic dark chocolate and organic cocoa powder into our American buttercream filling. To top it all off, we dust all of our chocolate macarons with organic cocoa powder. 

Macaron Shell Ingredients: Organic Almond Flour, Organic Confectioners’ Sugar, Organic Granulated Sugar, Organic Egg Whites, Organic Cocoa Powder, Natural Gel Color. 

Filling Ingredients: Organic Unsalted Butter, Organic Salted Butter, Organic Palm Shortening, Water, Organic Chocolate 74%, Organic Honey, Vanilla Extract.