May 15th Macaron Making LIVE Stream Baking Class with Nicole! (Macaron Making Kit Included)

  • $49.95
  • $49.95

Hi friend! We are so excited to bring you our sixth Macaron Making Class! This is such a fun and interactive activity to do at home solo or with company! We get to make our macarons and eat them too (all in the comfort of our own home and in yoga pants)! This macaron workshop is perfect for:

  • Family bonding activity
  • A homeschooling activity to do as a family 
  • A girl's night out activity - all from the comfort of your own home and wine is optional! 
  • A birthday gift
  • A birthday party activity
  • Pretty much for anyone that has wanted to make macarons and now has the time to learn! 

All are welcome to join in our macaron making class! Save the date for Friday, May 15th at 3 p.m. EST!  When you checkout, we'll collect your e-mail and send you all the information to connect to our Zoom meeting live stream! If you’re purchasing for a friend, please send us their email in the notes section of your order or you can email your giftee's email to after ordering :)

During this class, Nicole will guide you through the macaron making process. The duration of the live stream is about 1.5 hours. However, you will need about 1-2 additional hours post our live stream meeting to wait for your macarons to "rest", bake, and fill with your choice of filling. We're so excited for you to join in on this fun activity! 

What's included inside our box:

  • Parchment Paper (3 sheets) with Piping Guide Sheets (2)
  • Pre-sifted Almond Flour and Powdered Sugar Mix
  • Piping Bags (3)
  • Piping Bag Ties/Clips (3)
  • Piping Tip Wilton #12
  • A box to fit 6 French Macarons (great for gifting)
  • Naturally Colored Sprinkles (8 packs - sprinkles may vary from those pictured)
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Cream of Tartar

What you will need on hand at home for this class: 

  • 77 grams of aged egg whites (separate egg whites from yolks and set aside in a container in the fridge 48 hours before class begins) - we will email you directions on how to do this if you don't have a scale at home
  • Filling of choice (can be peanut butter, Nutella, jam, store-bought icing, or you can make your own!)
  • Baking sheet pan (2 is the preferred amount of pans)
  • Large cup to help you fill the piping bag
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Kitchen aid mixer with the whisk attachment or hand mixer
  • A device that connects to our Zoom meeting to watch the class (if you miss the live stream we will email the recording)

Optional items:

  • Gel food coloring (not liquid)
  • Extra sprinkles


How do I get a ticket to attend?

You will need to purchase a macaron making kit on our website to be delivered to you by May 15th. If your order doesn't arrive in time due to shipping speed selected at checkout, we will have a recording of the class that we can send you! The only downside is that you won't be able to ask questions if you watch the recorded class. However, we will be around to answer questions via e-mail, phone, and DM! You have the option to choose how fast your package ships. Please pick the shipping speed accordingly if you want to make it to the live stream. 

What supplies will I need?

You will need 77 grams of aged egg whites. We recommend "aging" your egg whites at least 24 hours before the class. You can "age" your egg whites 1-5 days before the class. Our optimal aging period is 2 days before baking. You will also need a baking sheet pan, preferably 2pans on hand. You will also need a large cup to help you fill the batter into the piping bag, scissors, a spatula, and a kitchen aid mixer with a whisk attachment. 

Do I need to buy a package for each person in my group calling into the live stream?

Nope! You can purchase one box and then include your whole group to bake along (so long as you all don't mind taking turns and sharing). 

I have a large group that wants to reserve our own meeting. Do you do virtual private parties?

Yes! This is a great way to include a fun activity for a group of kids or adults to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, etc. We can create a Zoom meeting so that everyone can call in and attend! 

How do I store the macarons after I've baked and filled them?

Macarons are best for up to a week when kept in the fridge in an airtight container. You can freeze your macarons for up to a month!

Contact Details:

  • Nicole Edelstein
  • Cell: 407-754-5809
  • Email: